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20 doctor who icons for 20muses

I have no idea where I was going with this, I wanted to focus mainly on negative space and coloring, and I initially decided to make two icons from all the new era doctors and companions (and then later decide which ones to post) and focus on bright coloring but then I gave up halfway through with both and ended up with these random assortment of icons. I like them a bit better now when I see them posted like this, while I was making them in photoshop they looked way too plain and basic, I had to stop myself from adding a bunch of textures every single time. I'm not good at simple icons I guess, lol. I have no idea how other people make them look so beautiful and interesting. The themes used here are mostly crop and coloring.


▲ comments are appreciated :)
▲ credit delacours if taking
▲ don't repost or claim as your own
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